Team Communications
To make it easier for us to push notifications to all users, we have created a group email so we can just maintain this list and send one e-mail to and all will get it versus searching for a previous email or entering all in an e-mail. This is still meant to just be the 1 faculty and 1 mentor for each team, you can then push out to the rest of the team.


Team Activity Log

2020 Social Media Guide

Scoring and Rules

2020 Technical & Financial Information incl. Parts List

Google Drive Reference


2020 Student Activity & Media Waiver

Mentor Waiver



District 16

AMA Minor Release Form (need parent signatures notarized – can do at bank or Post Office)



updated 1/16/2020

  • Feb 8 – Team Photo including ALL team members, advisors, mentors. #buildmototeam
  • Feb 15 – In color bike design concept/sketch. #buildmotoconcept
  • Feb 15 – Invitation to BUILD BOD for team visit. #buildbodvisit
  • March 13-15 – Flat Out Friday & Mama Tried. Booth volunteer assistance. @mamatriedshow @flatoutfriday
  • Apr 12 – VIDEO submission of Full mock up – ready for paint, rolling chasis, pipes, carbs, battery box, seat pan, bars. #buildmockupvid
  • Apr 19 to May 2 – VIDEO submission of running bike to get pick of dyno time slot – In order of submission. #buildrunningvid
  • May 2 – Saturday – Dyno Day – Turn in budget documentation and fundraising check with funding sources listed. #buildmotodyno
  • May 9 – Saturday – Bike Reveal – Boone & Crockett. More info to come.
  • May 16 2020 – Saturday – Beaver Cycle Club Short Track Race. #buildraceday #beavercycleclub
  • May 31 2020 – Sunday – Brewtown Rumble. Pit Crew Challenge. RE BUILD Cup awarding.

Board Contacts


Kevin Frank – President, Outreach Chair | 414.364.6489

Kirk Topel – Team Chair | 414.254.1310

Chris Steele – Treasurer, Technical Chair | 414.943.0479

Josh Richardson – Objectives Chair | 414.429.2817

Mark Charlton | 414-614-7491

Chris Ripstein