Team Communications
To make it easier for us to push notifications to all users, I have created a group email so we can just maintain this list and send one e-mail to and all will get it versus searching for a previous email or entering all in an e-mail. This is still meant to just be the 1 faculty and 1 mentor for each team, you can then push out to the rest of the team. Instead of an app that not all may use, or other options, this is a simple solution for one email address to send to all involved. An invite was sent to all emails we currently captured for each team.

Engines Update & More News (1/15)
Refreshed motors will be complete this week. Teams can make arrangements with Kirk ( )to have their engine delivered to you; of you can coordinate pick-up with Pat at MATC. (Tuesday-Thursday 11am – 3pm). In either event no engine will be released without providing your teams student and mentor waivers. To date we have received completed waivers from only one team.

Additionally we have asked for your teams SINGLE point of contact for 1.) Mentors and 2.) Students. i.e., student-school/parent liaison. We would like name, email and phone.

Lastly we are also in need of location, day-of-week and time your team meets.

All this information can be sent directly to Kirk or provided when you turn in your waivers.

Help us streamline communication, get information out faster and when needed provide assistance with delivery of parts for the remainder of the semester.

– Thank You

Participant Shirts
The shirt order is done. If you did not order sorry we cannot do another run, the order was based on a qty and to do a second run with less would be higher cost.
* Reminder – If you ordered extra shirts beyond the 6, please pay the $15 per to us via the Donate button below on the web site.

Flat Out Friday & Mama Tried
We are confirmed for Flat Out Friday for February 15, 2019 with our own BUILD class.
Rider entry is waived, but pit passes ($20) must be bought for anyone in the pit. You also need to be AMA or sign up for $15 single day, but AMA is also required for other races so just get a 2019 AMA. We only want adults/mentors racing, the winner will be speaking to the emcee on screen and broadcast and all should be prepared to talk up the program.
There will be only one exhibition race, no heats/semi, but 3 practices instead of 2, we will be first on track for the extra practice. All riders need to be in by 11am.
12 bikes are allowed for the race. All teams should get the opportunity to field one bike before others may add an extra. Send an e-mail to if you plan to race.

We will have a booth at FoF as well as a booth at Mama Tried for all hours of the show Sat 10-midnight, Sunday 10-3. We will also get a bike on the floor in the show. Chris will be posting/sending a sign up link for volunteers.

Happy New Year Build Teams!
We hope you are excited for the start of the 2019 Build season. While you’re all at various stages of engagement with your teams, we want to remind you that adult and student waivers must be turned in before engines are distributed. We anticipate motors will be available the week of January 14th. Kirk can deliver motors to your location and retrieve waivers if you can coordinate place and time. Contact him at or 414-254-1310. If you intend to pick-up from Pat at MATC, be advised he will not release a motor without confirmation we are in receipt of waivers.

In addition, can you please notify Kirk who you specify as your points of contact for 1. Lead Mentor and 2. Student/School Liaison. Phone and e-mail is preferred.

Thank You
– Kirk


Team Activity Log

2019 Social Media Guide

Scoring and Rules


2019 Student Activity & Media Waiver

2019 Mentor Waiver



District 16

2018 AMA Minor Annual Release Info

AMA Minor Release Form (need parent signatures notarize – can do at bank or Post Office)



updated 2/11

New DateBUILD CUP Points Milestones PointsHash Tag (BOLD required)
12/15Bike, engine, parts pickup & kick off meeting
2/15Team Photo including ALL team members, advisor, mentorsX#buildmototeam
2/15In color bike design concept/sketchX#buildmotoconcept
Invite by 2/15Host a BUILD boardmember at your meeting before Mama TriedX#buildbodvisit
2/15-17Team participation at Flat Out Friday/Mama Tried weekend- Work BUILD BoothX@mamatriedshow @flatoutfriday
3/30Plan a Team Visit to MATC for on or before 3/30X#buildmatcvisit @discovermatc
??FUEL café on 5th family dinner and social optional. BUILD does not pay for dinner@theoriginalfuelcafe @fuelcafemilwaukee
4/13VIDEO submission of Full mock up – ready for paint, rolling chasis, pipes, carbs, battery box, seat pan, barsX#buildmockupvid
4/21 – 5/4VIDEO submission of running bike to get pick of dyno time slot – In order of submissionX#buildrunningvid
5/4Dyno Challeng Day by appointment – Functionally Race Ready – cosmetics asideX#buildmotodyno
5/4Turn in budget documentation and fundraising check with funding sources listedX
5/18Atwater Race Day – Pit Crew Competition – Largest Points Opportunity for BUILD CUP
Scored on Separate Sheet
5/24Iron Horse peoples choice award and family nightX
Tentative Race Day- TBD
6/2Brewtown Rumble – Team Attendance Awards ceremony.
6/15Aztalan BUILD after BUILD Raceday

Board Contacts


Kirk Topel – President, Team Chair | 414.254.1310

Chris Steele – Treasurer, Technical Chair | 414.943.0479

Stephanie Erbes – Race Chair

Kevin Frank – Outreach Chair | 414.364.6489

Josh Richardson – Rules Chair | 414.429.2817